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As we countdown to 2019, the Ovum Consumer and Entertainment Team have selected three of their most recent Trends to Watch reports; Smart Home, Consumer Technology and TV & Video. Download today.

The full suite of reports is available on our Knowledge Centre. Get in touch to find out more.


Smart Home
Greater innovation will start to unlock new market segments

The take-up of smart devices will continue to grow throughout 2019, but capitalizing on that growth remains a conundrum for service providers.


TV and Video Super-Themes
The stakes have never been higher as big media consolidates to fend off FANG

Megamergers of traditional media companies and unprecedented competitive pressure from scaled, multinational digital platforms are rapidly reshaping the entertainment industry.


Consumer Technology Super-Themes
The glimpses of a new tech era

2019 will be a pivotal year for consumer technology with the launch of the first 5G smartphones, advanced computational image capture, and resulting new vision-based AI consumer applications.